mamajuana edibles is a family owned Entity that provides opportunities for disenfranchised DC residents, regional visitors, tourists, veterans and other cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in recreational marijuana activities.

 The need became apparent after DC’s recreational marijuana law Initiation 71 went into effect. The many loopholes in the law denied thousands of legal aged residents the right to indulge outside of their dwellings.

Now through our events, disenfranchised residents, as well as tourists, regional enthusiasts and others on the east coast have a great environment to mingle with like-minded people.

As the legalization movement gains momentum, there will be more opportunities for cannabis-inspired companies to grow and create endeavors unforeseen in the past. What was punitive for the last five decades will be one of the biggest capitalistic ventures in the near future.

Our goal is to become an activist group known for leading and collaborating with enthusiasts who dare to break the negative stigma associated with cannabis.

Mamajuana Edibles’ Events offers cannabis-inspired goods and services unheard of in this region. We want our supporters to share knowledge, learn about trends in the industry, be familiar with their rights, unite causes and enjoy themselves.