Maryland | Vote Ben Jealous for Governor

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Ben Jealous, candidate for governor of Maryland, is the only choice for voters who want to roll back past legislation against cannabis/marijuana users. Jealous gets an A+ rating with cannabis organizations such as CBC. Jealous is our man. We need a wave of elected government officials across the entire US who support the revival of cannabis as a legal herb.

Although many old establishment Democrats support the current governor known for his moderate views, the incumbent Republican just came onboard to marijuana legalization last year. There are still stiff penalties for Marylanders who possess and use this natural plant. President Barack Obama is going against the grain of the old established Dems to support Jealous, former leader of the national NAACP. Jealous is also backed by Progressives like Bernie Sanders, many unions.

Be a part of history. Support the CannaVote campaign to put in office all candidates who have a track record of supporting and demonstrating the legalization of recreational cannabis/marijuana and its removal from the federal government’s Schedule 1 Most Deadly Drugs List.

Same Day Registration & Voting ends Thu Nov 1, 2018

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