Vote for Weed!


CannaLovers, tomorrow is your last day to participate in one of the most important midterm elections in recent history! Vote for weed! The media has finally recognized there is a insurgence of voters between the ages of 18 to 35!!! This group is the largest voting block in America that has not been factored in the polling groups because it has a history of not voting! But for some unexplainable reason to the political experts, young people have voted early and plan to vote on Tuesday! We know why. We are voting for weed.

May we suggest that if you are one who gets frustrated with long lines, eat a POT brownie, gummy, cookie or rice crispy before you go to the polls. Smoke some sativa and giggle in line! Don’t forget any required documents. Vote for weed. The objective is to VOTE for candidates with a proven record of support to legalize cannabis in every state in America. This includes any elected candidates from neighborhood commissioners, city, county and state officials to members of Congress and the Senate. This is NOT a game. CannaLovers are tired of being treated like criminals because we want to indulge. Let’s elect leaders in all facets of our lives who support the legalization of cannabis.

Wherever you are Tuesday night celebrate our first victories! This is our first wave. The very next day, we are starting our CannaVote 2020 Campaign! That’s right 770 days of getting the message out that CannaLovers are sick and tired of hiding our true feelings. We are coming out the closet! We intend to finalize the legalization of cannabis as an entire country. No more county-to-county and state-by-state bullshit! CannaLovers want to be able to travel anywhere in this country and not be stopped, searched, arrested using cannabis in any form.

College students don’t want to lose scholarships or be expelled because they use cannabis! People don’t want to lose government subsidies such as housing, food stamps and health care because they use cannabis! People don’t want to lose their jobs because they use cannabis. Free inmates who have been arrested and sentenced for nonviolent cannabis convictions! Automatically expunge the criminal records of people arrested in nonviolent cannabis cases.  Restore the voting rights of all individuals convicted of nonviolent cannabis convictions! CannaLovers, the only way this will happen is for us to vote and keep voting until we have our demands are met across this nation.

Go hard on Nov. 6. Fire up and go vote for weed!

CannaVoteMama Juana