Voter suppression and disenfranchisement defined 2018!


Voter suppression and disenfranchisement defined 2018.

Take Georgia, where Republican Brian Kemp abused his position as secretary of state to purge thousands of voters from the rolls, freeze voter registrations, and create enough obstacles to prevent the election of Stacey Abrams.

Or North Carolina, where Republican operatives destroyed absentee ballots from Democratic voters.

And in DC, residents continue to lack full representation in Congress, while having their local laws subject to the whims of Trump Republicans.

In 2019, we need to ensure that everyone, including the residents of DC, has the ability to vote and that their vote counts.

Show that you support Statehood for DC: Chip in $5.10 or more to grow DC Vote’s organizing to move democracy forward now.

Did you know that Congress reviews every piece of legislation passed by the locally elected DC Council?

Congressional Republicans have nullified, defunded, and delayed important local laws just to send a dog whistle to their conservative base.

It should be clear why DC statehood is an important issue for progressives: Right now, DC's local laws standing up for choice, equality for the LGBTQI community, environmental protection, fair labor standards, responsible gun ownership, and end of life care are vulnerable to attack by any member of Congress eager to impose their agenda onto people who have no voice to unseat them.  

The people of DC deserve full representation! Chip in to support local organizing to pass DC Statehood.

Thank you for your support. We all have a better democracy when we all have democracy.

- Democracy for America

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