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Investors were salivating at Uber's recent $120 billion valuation.
They think they're going to strike it rich by getting in early once Uber IPOs in 2019.
But they're about to make a big mistake.
Because when you start at $120 billion there's really nowhere to go but down.
History has shown us that mega-tech IPOs almost always flop.

  1. Facebook went into freefall after IPOing for $104 billion. Costing IPO investors 58.33% of their money in three months.

  2. Spotify IPO'ed at $30 billion. Eight months later, investors were down 38.88%.

  3. Snapchat IPO'ed at $33 billion - then plummeted for five months straight. By December, it was down to $4.82 a share and IPO-day investors had lost 81.49% of their money.

  4. Blue Apron IPO'ed at $1.89 billion. Stock opened at $11 a share, then plummeted to $2.94 in less than five months. That's a 73.27% loss in less than half a year.

You don't want to get into an IPO when it starts so big, that it has to go small.

You want to get into the $5 million IPO that's going to be worth $550 million in four months.

And there's one industry that's turning tiny companies into multibillion-dollar superstars the second they IPO.

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