CannaVote 2020

Why not, CannaVote?

Over the years, there have been many causes that made Americans vote for members of the US Congress, Senate and President. Some causes such as the “Civil Rights Movement,” “Stop the Vietnam War,” “Brown vs. the Board of Education,” “the right for Americans to bear arms” “protecting students from guns,” “health care” and “anti-abortion” are a few of the big ones that got national attention. There was also a huge movement to elect Barack Obama as the nation’s first Black president which brought out millions of people with a history of not voting.

Americans, in their own jurisdictions, have also voted for officials to save neighborhoods, stop racially-motivated police violence, create bike lanes, construct dog parks, provide affordable housing, lower taxes, protect the environment, guarantee clean water, reduce pollution, fix potholes, improve schools, create jobs opportunities and increase wages.  This list gets smaller or larger depending on where you reside.

Cannabis enthusiasts, supporters, activists and those who are looking for natural cures have a great opportunity to put our marks in the sand in this next presidential election cycle like never before!

No matter what the (television, cable, social) media plant in your mind, next years’ political winners might be surprised at the outcome. Cannabis lovers, we have the opportunity using the tool the Constitution gives us to affect change by voting.

Hey, you, with the joint in your mouth, are you prepared to vote to legalize that which you enjoy? Remember, anyone can smoke – but will you vote? Can you take the time to vote to legalize cannabis? This requires a personal commitment to register to vote, monitoring your voting status, stay registered and vote!!

Every jurisdiction in America should feel the refreshing, uniting, invigorating, healing movement we bring to the next election. There’s no need for name calling. No need for political party bickering. No need for any one leader or spokesperson. All we need to do is commit ourselves to monitoring which candidates have a “record” of trying to legalize cannabis. If a candidate claims that he/she supports its total legalization, what have they done to push it forward? Talk about it or do something about it? Talk is cheap. Any person who is currently serving as an elected official (no matter how small the population) should be scrutinized harder than a candidate who does not have a government podium or history of pushing weed legalization.  If the official has not done anything by now, chances are they won’t. Vote them out of office!

But how do you vote in you’re not registered?

Several states in the US and the District of Columbia are passing legislation that gives 16 year olds the right to vote to increase voter participation. While many states will not allow voters under 18 to cast a ballot in national elections, these teens will be able to vote locally.

CannaVote encourages these young voters, not only to register but to VOTE in their local elections for candidates who support the total legalization of cannabis. Outside of a music concert, teens won’t stand in line for many things. However, beyond a shadow of a doubt, teens will stand in line to legalize pot. CannaVote is calling on all eligible voters between the ages of 16 to 40, the largest voting block in America, to vote in all elections through the presidential elections. Check your local listings for more information. Organize and vote.

Mama Juana