Acrylic w/ Metal Pipe 2.5"

Acrylic w/ Metal Pipe 2.5"


These assorted 2.5” Acrylic with Metal Hand Pipes are like rugged little works of modern art that still offer up a potent smoking experience. These smoking pipes are comprised of 2 highly durable materials: metal and acrylic. Between the rugged material and the 2.5” length, these are perfect choices for trusted travel pipes. The necks pivot in such a way to give you a bit of distance between yourself and the smoking bowl for a comfortable smoke session. If you’re looking for a one hitter that will go the distance, look no further than these Acrylic with Metal Hand Pipes.

  • Length: 2.5" inches

  • Material: Acrylic / Metal

  • Style: Standing

  • Type: Novelty pipe

  • Color: Assorted

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